Frequently Asked Questions

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We know prevention routines look different for every family so we want to focus on customizing your strategies at your regular check-ups. 

What are the best snacks to prevent cavities?

Veggies, nuts, cheese, and meat all have minimal sugar and carbohydrates so they are not likely to contribute to causing cavities.

When can my child complete their oral health routine independently?

Once a child can clearly write their name between two straight lines they should have the dexterity required to brush and floss properly.

What are the most important changes to make if my child has been diagnosed with cavities or cavities are beginning to form?

The two most effective methods to stop or limit progression of cavities are limiting snacking and ensuring sufficient fluoride exposure. Frequent snacking bathes teeth in fermentable carbohydrates that cause cavities. With fluoride you don’t want too much or too little- we’ve gotta get it just right to prevent cavities!


Not every facial trauma will require immediate attention but we do want to encourage you to contact us any time you’re not sure what to do. We recommend taking pictures right away and  calling our office number- even on nights and weekends. 

What should we do if a tooth is knocked out?

First, give us a call! We are always available to help you determine next steps. Place the tooth in milk, saliva, or saline solution and hurry to our office so we can evaluate if reimplantation is appropriate. If you are far away from our office we might walk you through the reimplantation process over video chat so we make sure the cells surrounding the tooth stay alive. For baby teeth, reimplantation is not typically appropriate but you are welcome to bring the tooth in for us to evaluate.

What if part of a tooth chips off?

Call our office first and we’ll review pictures or schedule an appointment to see if the chip can be reattached. If possible, save the fragment and bring it with you but don’t fret if you can’t find it. We can always fabricate the missing piece with filling material.

What can we do to prevent oral injuries?

We do expect all kids to take tumbles! Your kids will get bumps and bruises but we can focus on avoiding the most severe trauma. When your child is young, baby-proofing your home is one of the best ways to prevent injury.

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Can I stay with my child during their treatment appointment?

Absolutely! You know your child best and can help guide us. We have also found that kids can be confused when both a parent and our team are giving instructions so we ask that you be a silent observer during treatment. Of course we want you to speak up if you have pertinent information that we haven't yet discussed.

How can we get my wiggly kid to sit still for treatment?

First, we want to get to know your child and build trust with them. If they trust us we can typically walk them through the steps of their appointment with the aid of nitrous oxide alone. Nitrous oxide can relax your child and typically they will sit still for a longer time. One reason we find nitrous oxide so useful is that the concentration is easily controlled and within 5 minutes of turning it off they will no longer feel the effects. For some kids dental treatment is sensory overload and we might suggest mild sedation or general anesthesia to ensure they have a positive experience.

What should we expect after a treatment visit?

If the treatment required local anesthetic and your child is numb you will want to make sure they eat a soft diet until they have regained sensation. If we have administered sedatives or completed a surgical procedure your child will need close supervision and we will provide more detailed instructions.

More Questions?

Our list is clearly not exhaustive. Have more questions?  Feel free to email or call with any questions you have.

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