Pediatric Dentistry for
Children with Special
Health Care Needs

Pediatric Dentist for Special Needs Patients

At Expedition Pediatric Dentistry in Bellevue, WA, we specialize in dental care for all infants and children. This includes a focus on children with special health care needs, so you can trust our approach to care will incorporate their unique needs and preferences. 

We often hear that dental offices don’t have the time or training to properly care for their child with special health care needs. Thankfully, pediatric dentists have additional training with patients with complex medical conditions. Specifically, Dr. Miller completed three years of additional training following dental school and the majority of that time was spent working with children who required medical precautions or adaptations. 

For children with special health care needs it is crucial for their healthcare team to work collaboratively. We are committed to consulting your child’s healthcare team so we can develop appropriate care together. 

We will incorporate their recommendations and make accommodations for your child to tailor the environment of our office for their comfort. 



We’re committed to person first language, which is why we say “Pediatric dentistry for children with special healthcare needs” rather than “Pediatric dentistry for special needs children”. Learn more about the guidelines.

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First Dental Visits for Special Needs Children

For infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, the first visit to the dentist can be intimidating and your child may feel vulnerable. While all child experience this children with special health care needs may find doctor visits even more stressful, unsettling, or exhausting.


Our goal is to incorporate the techniques you know work well for your child and blend in the tips and tricks that our many years of experience have taught us.


You know your child best. If your child does better when preparing as much as possible and discussing every detail we will help you walk through that process. On the other hand, some children are more comfortable when they don’t have time to agonize over their upcoming visit. We want to work with you to prepare them for their first visit – taking their unique sensory, behavioral, or medical needs into consideration.

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FAQs for Special Needs Children

What type of conditions are considered special needs in dentistry?

We're experienced in a variety of special needs, but namely: neurodivergence, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, cancer, cerebral palsy, congenital heart conditions, diabetes, and Down syndrome. We are happy to discuss your child's specific conditions and review our office philosophy regarding their care to determine if we might be an appropriate fit for your family.

What should I do before my appointment?

One is to prepare us with all details of your child's medical and behavioral history and share any tips you've found work best for your child. You also might consider visiting our office ahead of time so your child will feel more comfortable in our office. Visiting unfamiliar places and doing new things can be very overwhelming and taking it one step at a time can make the experience more comfortable.

We also recommend planning the appointment at a time when your child is most alert yet at ease. For most children this is early in the morning before the stress of the day has worn them out. Also, please feel free to bringing along anything that might provide comfort or familiarity during their visit. 

Is sedation dentistry the right approach for my child?

You might determine that dental sedation is the most appealing option for your special needs child. If you'd like more information about sedation, please ask and we can discuss the options and limitations. 


Have questions about your first visit or what to consider when choosing a pediatric dentist for your child’s specific needs? We’d be glad to help. Email or call to book an appointment or for additional guidance.
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