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Meet Dr. Miller

People become dentists for all sorts of reasons. Some have heartwarming stories about how a dentist changed their life. Others a parent who inspired them to follow in their footsteps. I have a boring story. I love teeth. Also, I love kids. Specifically, I love the science of teeth and the psychology of children, hence my love for baby teeth. Combining these two curiosities genuinely delights me. I lose track of time when I read studies about caries etiology. I want to tell everyone about the most recent reports on child development. And yes, you’re totally right, it does drive my friends and family bananas.


It is such a privilege to be able to help your child avoid dental problems. I am delighted and honored to play a small part in developing your child’s wellness and psychological health. I am so excited to meet your family and learn about what makes your kids special. 


Bachelor of Science in Biomedical from Texas A&M University (Whoop!)


Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry


Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from University of Texas Health School of Dentistry and Texas Children's Hospital


Diplomate American Board of Pediatric Dentistry


Fellow American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Giving Back
  • 12 Week Long Mission Trips to Belize and Mexico since 2008
  • 26 Weekend Dental Mission Events since 2007

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Megan Miller - Headshot

Dr. Megan Miller

Pediatric Dentist

McKenzie Looney, RDA - Scheduling & Treatment Coordinator

McKenzie Looney, RDA

Schedule & Treatment Coordinator

Kenzie Smith, RDA - Pediatric Dental Assistant

Kenzie Smith, RDA

Pediatric Dental Assistant

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