How to Make Dental Visits Fun for Kids

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Past positive experiences at the dentist can help kids be more likely to have a good attitude about caring for their teeth at home, and less likely to experience dental anxiety at future checkups. If your child struggles in the dental chair, here are three ways to make dental visits fun for your child.

Select a Kid-Friendly Dental Office

The environment makes a difference in how your child feels about and perceives their experience. Pediatric dental offices are specially-designed for children with fun patterns and colors, comfortable furniture, and a welcoming waiting room with toys, games, and books. Selecting a cozy dental home — like Expedition Pediatric Dentistry— with a kid-friendly setting can positively influence your child to have more fun with their dental care. Our professional team does all we can to help kids have an enjoyable time at our office while helping them achieve a healthy smile!

Bring a Favorite Item

While dental offices that treat children have toys, bringing a special comfort item from home can give your child a sense of security during what can feel like an intimidating or sensory-overload experience. Items that would be easy to bring include a blanket, lovey, stuffed animal, or small toy.

Make It a Special Day

To help your child develop positive thoughts and feelings about going to the dentist, schedule something fun and enjoyable before and after the appointment. It can be simple, such as their favorite breakfast before their checkup and a trip to the park after. Having happy things sandwiched around their trip to the dentist can help make their actual visit feel less scary.

Pediatric Dental Care in Bellevue, WA

Are you looking for a compassionate dentist that helps make dental visits fun for your child? At our office, our team aims to educate every patient on caring for their smile while making dental visits fun. You’re welcome to stay with your child during treatment and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about their dental health and ways to improve their oral care at home. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child at Expedition Pediatric Dentistry in Bellevue, WA!

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