Halloween Tips to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

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Candy is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Halloween! Collecting and eating Halloween candy is fun but can come with some scary results if done in excess and at the expense of your oral health. Here are some simple tips to help prevent cavities and keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy this season!

Halloween Tips for your Child’s Teeth

Eat Candy Around a Meal

It’s best to consume candy and other sweet treats with meals or right after. During meals, saliva production increases to break down food. This increase in saliva will help wash away the candy from your mouth while limiting the amount of time bacteria feed on its sugary particles and produce acidic byproducts that could otherwise damage your tooth enamel and irritate your gums.

Choose Candy Wisely

While all sugary candy can contribute to tooth decay, there are certain kinds that are less likely to result in significant dental disease. For example, sticky treats like gummies, caramel, and taffy are more likely to get stuck between teeth or linger in the grooves of the molars. Hard candies like lollipops tend to sit in the mouth for a long time as you consume them, extending the amount of time bad bacteria in the mouth have to feast and damage your teeth. Try to avoid these types of candy as much as possible. Opt for chocolate, which easily dissolves in the mouth and can be quickly rinsed away with water, or sugar-free candy.

Eat Candy in Moderation

It’s tempting to eat an entire bowl of your favorite candy in one day. Avoid grazing on candy throughout the day and don’t eat a whole bag in one sitting, which can give you a bellyache. Limit yourself to a few pieces a day. Stretching out your candy consumption over time will make the candy more psychologically enjoyable and less hazardous to your oral health!

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth every day! Maintaining good oral hygiene habits, especially around Halloween, will clean away harmful sugar particles and bacteria to promote healthy teeth and gums.

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